Our services

Our services

At Shakhura Sports Massage we offer a range of massage services for both Human and Equine clients.

  • Help release tension and strain
  • Increase mobility of joints and help relieve pain
  • Increase circulation
  • Recover from injury quicker, great as a tool in rehabilitation
  • Enhance muscle tone and therefore improving performance
  • Feel more relaxed

Posture and movement assessment - an evaluation of the way in which the client supports their body when standing / sitting / walking. Does this relate to the muscular imbalance and areas of strength / weakness. How we can then work together to achieve the correct recruitment of muscle groups resulting in a better holistic approach.

Evaluating a horse

Horse and rider evaluation - very specific and individual assessment of how the combination work together as one. The use of video analysis to understand when they work in harmony and when the are compensating for one another strength/weakness.

Nutritional advise and ration formulation for the horses. Having completed my undergraduate dissertation in the importance of ration formulation my key interest is to help both horse and rider achieve their goals. Get in touch if you need help with formulating a ration for your horse according to their individual workload and nutritional needs while sticking as close as possible to the natural forage based diet which the horse has evolved on. Pricing for this tailored to the individual ranging from £20.00 - £35.00.

Applying Rocktape
Rocktape logo

Now also available Rocktape powertaping from a qualified Level 2 RockDoc.